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Future Development And Market Demand Of Fire-proof Material

Aug 02, 2017

  Future Development and Market Demand of Fire-proof Material

  Technological innovation provides us with new areas and development space. Fire-proof Material industry science and technology innovation to focus on new technologies, new products and environment-friendly technology research and development to bauxite materials are synthetic materials development, the comprehensive utilization of magnesite, nano-refractory products to promote the use of focus, give full play Enterprise R & D base and the role of scientific research institutes, the real R & D and industrial development organic unity, and promote the rapid transformation of scientific research. The main downstream of the refractory industry for the steel industry, according to the world's application industry statistics, 70% for steel smelting, 17% for the building materials industry, the chemical industry use 4%, non-ferrous metals industry use 3%. China's steel industry, the proportion of consumption of 65%, 10% of the cement, the other is not very different.

  China is the refractory raw materials and refractory production and export power. Since the beginning of the new century, China's refractory industry has maintained a sustained and stable development trend, in 2009 China's refractory production of about 25 million tons, the world's total output of about 65% of Fire-proof Material. China's refractory products and raw materials have been exported to more than 100 countries and regions, at present, China's refractory production and sales have been ranked first in the world refractories.

  However, compared with the developed countries, China's refractory industry is also facing the product structure is irrational, product quality is not stable, the proportion of high-end products such as the status quo, China needs from refractory power to refractory power change.

  The development of green refractory strategy is related to China's current and future refractory industry sustainable development of the important development strategy. China Refractories Industry Association will be the concept of green refractory summarized as "good quality varieties, resource and energy conservation, the production process of environmental protection, the use of harmless process." In recent years, the relevant state departments and trade associations have developed a series of corresponding policies and measures to develop green refractories. Refractory practitioners should start from the big, small start, face reality, have focused, vigorously advocate the user side, the production side, the R & D side, the design side of the co-operation and coordination. Japan, Europe and other Fire-proof Material will be used after the original Fire-proof Material for the original contractor to recover the re-use, the cost of refueling from the refraction of the practice, worth learning.

  Enterprises should strengthen cooperation with scientific research institutes and user units, increase cooperation in research and development, green refractory technology to achieve new breakthroughs, and strive not in a long time, in some key green refractory technology and promote the use of On a substantial breakthrough.