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How Do We Judge The Regeneration Of Kraft Paper And Puree Kraft Paper?

Oct 20, 2017

Usually customers in the procurement of kraft paper, a little understanding of the paper are more concerned about the kraft paper is recycled or the pulp or recycled pulp and logs the proportion of each. So, how to determine whether it is recycled paper or pulp paper?

The original paddle kraft paper is still relatively easy to understand, that is, the raw materials used for papermaking pure wood pulp, paper all aspects of performance are higher.

That recycled paper, recycled kraft paper is made of waste paper raw materials, to break it, to color after a variety of processes produced by processing, paper rough rough, low density, toughness than the original paddle paper poor. But the advantages of this type of paper is also very obvious, that is low energy consumption, light pollution, environmental protection and low prices.

Back to the south and other wet weather, the relative humidity in the air is too high, the carton and air direct contact, will absorb the water in the air, resulting in the production of corrugated boxes, the entire cardboard is soft. The face of the call to avoid the call, and even return, fine, compensation, etc., to solve the cardboard softened carton factory has become a top priority.

After the off-line after the kraft paperboard should not be scattered in the vapor, to avoid the formation of condensate condensate temperature phenomenon, storage of kraft board or carton environment to maintain ventilation and ventilation, kraft paperboard cartons can not be directly on the ground, the use of pads (pallets, ) Bear. Note the gap between the storage, in order to facilitate ventilation and heat.

It is recommended to use wood mats to absorb moisture and size of the ground part of the cardboard carton; keep the storage environment ventilated and breathable, the use of stretch film for external protection, can effectively reduce and isolate the weather affect the softening phenomenon. Now many manufacturers began to use dehumidifier, if to ensure that the warehouse relative temperature below 65%, cardboard hardness has improved significantly.

In the delivery process, some use of convertible trucks, and some use van trucks. Usually the latter than the former can protect the kraft cardboard dry, to avoid and reduce the softening.

The proposed use of van transport, which is currently the major suppliers of goods commonly used in the truck.