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How To Buy Bubble Bags And Judge The Quality

Jan 05, 2017

When purchasing any product, we have to be very carefully, with our common knowledge to purchase, purchase products is generally not quality problems occur. Buy remember when plastic bubble bag colors, different materials produced by the bubble bag colors are different. You get what you pay for, and materials for production of expensive production bubble film is pure and transparent, there is no impurities.

In addition, should pay attention to the weight of the product, the same size, the heavier the weight of the product as possible. Also note that is the thickness of the product, bubble wrap is thicker then? it needs according to the packaging of products, thin film soft, does not scratch, but bubbles are easily broken, it cannot have the effect of pressure Defense. Thick film good anti-pressure effect, but easy to scratch your product. Both advantages and disadvantages, depending on selected products. The toughness of the bubbles is also needs to be considered. Ideal air bubbles in a bubble around three-fourths.