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How To Store Kraft Paper Better?

Kraft paper storage should pay attention to the following questions:

First, kraft paper base paper as far as possible not open storage, if it can not be avoided, open the time not too long, and need to cover with a canvas, timely transfer to the warehouse storage, to avoid rain. Kraft paper contains lignin and many other chemical composition, by the light will fade after the yellow, resulting in unusable and scrapped. At the same time, after the exposure of raw materials within the paper will evaporate, water content changes, the base paper becomes brittle or deformation, serious machine can not be printed on the machine.

Second, kraft paper base paper is very sensitive to air humidity, easy to absorb or lose moisture, resulting in lotus leaf or tight side, in the printing produced overprint is not allowed and wrinkles and other issues. Therefore, the base paper to choose clean and dry environment storage. In addition, the base paper as far as possible can not close to the wall stack, and store kraft paper warehouse and the relative humidity of the workshop is best maintained at 50% to 65%.

Third, kraft paper base stack height should not be too high to prevent crushing the lower base paper, if it is web, but also to avoid damage to the paper core tube. While stacking too high prone to collapsing problems, resulting in paper products were broken or work injury events. General stack height should not exceed five meters. Storage of the base paper and the workshop temperature of 15 ~ 25 ℃ is appropriate. Base paper storage temperature is not too high, otherwise the strength of the base paper will be significantly reduced.

What are the major reasons for analyzing the foaming of coated cakes

Coated cattle cardboard used in the market is very wide, many products are coated with coated cattle cardboard, such as millet mobile phone box is the initial use of the Swedish coated cattle cardboard. Coated cattle cardboard with its excellent physical properties in the market favored, but there is no perfect product in the world, and sometimes we will encounter some small problems coated with cattle cardboard, such as coating problems.

So why is it that the coated card is soaked? Xiao Bian that may have a few reasons:

1. It is possible that the uniformity of the base paper is not good, and the unevenness of the sizing is likely to occur. The unevenness of the sizing will cause the local elongation of the base paper, which is likely to cause the coating of the cardboard.

2. It may be that the base paper elongation is too large. Base paper in the process of coating elongation is too large, and other coating after drying the original paper to restore the original size, will be separated from the coating blistering.

3. There may be a problem with the paint. Poor foaming and defoaming coatings can cause serious blistering.

4. may be coated with the base paper is not good cause of blistering.

Now that we know how to coat the burnt cardboard coating, what can we do to solve this problem? In general, papermaking enterprises usually solve the problem of foaming by increasing the coating glue, reducing the solid content and increasing the surfactant.