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Kraft Paper Bags More Flexible Use In The Market

Sep 27, 2017

  Kraft paper bags more flexible use in the market

  Perhaps some people have found that kraft paper can be seen everywhere in large shopping malls, or in the industrial or food industry, and is becoming more and more widely available. And why many industries will choose to use kraft paper bags? Why does the kraft paper bag gradually replace the plastic bag? In fact, this is also a lot of reasons.

  Kraft paper bags, we all know that it is certainly made of kraft paper, a renewable energy, both environmentally friendly, but also to make a very beautiful effect. Kraft paper bags are environmentally friendly plastic bags can not match.

  Kraft paper bags, in the production process will have a very obvious advantage, the production is also very flexible. Strength can be selected according to customer requirements, such as the customer needs a good strength, manufacturers can be a layer of reinforcement, to ensure that customers demand for kraft paper bag strength.