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Kraft Paper For The Country's Resources And Environmental Protection Has Made Some Contribution

Oct 17, 2017

As the unpolished kraft paper loose porous and bulky characteristics, so that it is easy to produce dust during the processing of cardboard, so pay attention to prevent and reduce the harm caused by dust. Primary color kraft paper structure is special, its strength is large, the foreseeable fiber characteristics, which has a good embossing, die cutting and engraving and other processing performance. But for high-strength toughness of the primary colors of fiber, it requires kraft paper through the deep indentation line to avoid bounce. In addition, require the die cutter must be sharp. As the kraft paper fiber strength is high, in the perforation line also need narrower indentation, punching when the lack of engraved should be less, and to be small.

In order to meet the new demands of food manufacturers for packaging, primary color kraft paperboard has some characteristics different from bleached cardboard, such as baked goods or convenience foods and other household products. Raw leather kraft paper natural brown appearance has a healthy, retro charm. In fact, only the unique appearance of kraft paper and a large number of white packaging formed by the sharp contrast, but also make the product more prominent. Because many food packaging is designed to provide convenience or practicality, the strength of kraft paper is another advantage. The outer wrapper must be strong enough to wrap the customer's meal without letting it fall off. By the same token, the beverage cup must also be kept in a damp environment so that the coffee does not flow to the customer's thighs. Strength is also a major factor in the consideration of frozen foods because the packaging of frozen food can not deform, tear, distort or absorb too much moisture in the freezing / thawing cycle. In terms of practicality, kraft paper is better than homogeneous bleached kraft paper.

Compared with bleached paper, kraft paper has many unique advantages. For the packaging of home food, such as barbecue food or homemade food, kraft paper natural brown makes the packaging look warm and nostalgic. Wooden decoration as the main body, with the rustic steak restaurant, take-away food packaging with kraft paper, even if not in the restaurant can also feel the style of the restaurant. The unique appearance of kraft paper alone, but also more than the overall white packaging is more prominent.


Paper is clean and clean. Not allowed to fold, wrinkles, holes, sand, etc. to avoid affecting the quality of pressure plate.

2. Hot pressing flexibility, high flatness, significantly improve the quality of pressure and improve product yield.

3. Heat transfer performance is smooth, uniform and no fluctuations, moderate heat transfer rate.

4. The web ends are flat and not more than 2 per roll.

The development of the plastic limit to promote the development of kraft paper, and now people are buying kraft paper bags, one to environmental protection, and second can be used for a long time, for the country's resources and environmental protection has made some contribution. Therefore, people advocate the use of kraft paper bags. Kraft paper bag strong, durable, beautiful, environmentally friendly.