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Kraft Paper Is Different From SBS Cardboard And General Printing Paper

Jul 07, 2017

  Kraft paper is different from SBS cardboard and general printing paper, it is not coated, than the bleached cardboard loose, the surface has many pores, permeability is relatively strong, which in the application of ink and coating need to be considered The For example, according to the analysis of the characteristics of kraft paper, the general use of flexographic printing is better, and should not use offset press for full-page kraft paper printing. Due to the rough surface of kraft paper, soft texture, ink absorption, printed color dull, and printing will appear ink down the paper fiber (also known as pull off paper hair) phenomenon.

  Cardboard production processing

  As the unpolished kraft paper loose porous and bulky characteristics, so that it is easy to produce dust during the processing of cardboard, so pay attention to prevent and reduce the harm caused by dust.

  Postpress processing

  As the original color kraft paper structure is special, its strength is large, the foreseeable fiber characteristics, which has a good embossing, die cutting and engraving and other processing performance. But for high-strength toughness of the primary colors of fiber, it requires kraft paper through the deep indentation line to avoid bounce. In addition, require the die cutter must be sharp. As the kraft paper fiber strength is high, in the perforation line also need narrower indentation, punching when the required less engraved should be less, and to be small.

  Adhesive bonding

  High solids, high viscosity resin adhesive for low temperature bonding, need to be cooled after the attached to the kraft paperboard, can not be a lot of penetration into the cardboard, the traditional hot melt adhesive is also suitable for kraft paperboard and polyester coated kraft paper, the effect of comparison it is good. Due to the lighter weight, kraft paperboard is suitable for high-speed sticky box machine production.