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Kraft Paper Printed Is Not Easy To Dry How To Deal With?

Oct 26, 2017

As most of the kraft paper used in the selection of wood fiber is relatively long, and in the cooking of wood, is the use of caustic soda and sulfide alkali chemicals to deal with, so that they play a more moderate chemical effect, the original strength of wood fiber damage Relatively small, between the fiber and the fiber is closely dependent, so kraft paper is more solid than ordinary paper, kraft paper relative to other paper waterproof, anti-oil performance better, this is the advantage of kraft paper, but also led to the kraft paper in the printing When the ink is not easy to dry, affecting the printing and delivery speed and other issues.

Encountered kraft paper is not easy to dry after printing the situation, and some companies will think can not get outside to the sun, here to remind the majority of users, kraft paper remember directly on the sun to the sun, mainly because after the direct sunlight after kraft paper will change , Easy to produce unnecessary color problems, more likely to wrinkle, when the time will be directly into a waste.

Usually better processing methods are the following:

1, to increase the printing workshop ventilation, so that kraft paper printed as soon as possible air-dried, this can speed up the kraft paper after printing ink dry fixed; this method is more commonly used one;

2, the kraft paper printing method to UV printing, UV printing is a UV drying, curing ink of a printing process, UV ink with instant curing and conjunctive performance advantages, can be a good solution to kraft paper printed is not easy Dry problem.