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Kraft Paper Printing Plate When The Problem Solution

Sep 27, 2017

  Kraft paper printing plate when the problem solution

  Kraft paper printing plate, the original to be divided into green c, magenta m, yellow y, black k four-color, that its color separation principle is what?

  Color drawings or color photos, the number of colors on the screen there are thousands of species. It is almost impossible to print this thousands of colors in color. Printing is a four-color printing method. That is, first the original color decomposition, divided into green, magenta, yellow, black four-color version, and then print the color of the synthesis.

  The so-called "color separation" is based on the principle of subtractive color, the use of red, green and blue color filters on the different wavelengths of the selective absorption of light characteristics, and the original decomposition of yellow, goods, green three primary colors. In the color separation process, the color of the color filter is the color of the color filter itself is complementary color, as well as in the photographic film, the formation of black and white image of the negative, and then line, forming a negative network, the final copy, tanning Plate. This is the earliest principle of photographic separation.

  Nowadays, due to the development of printing technology, we can now divide the original color by the prepress scanning device, sample and convert it into digital information, that is, the same method is used to decompose the original color into red, green and blue color Digital, and then the computer through the mathematical calculation of digital information into green, magenta, yellow, black four-color information. Today's kraft paper printing solution is here.