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Kraft Paper Tape Is Based On Kraft Paper

Jul 07, 2017

  Kraft paper tape is based on kraft paper, coated with glue on one side, so that it has a strong adhesive tape.

  Self-adhesive kraft paper tape is made of lacquered kraft paper, coated with acrylic or natural rubber glue, with waterproof, strong viscosity, high tensile strength, good retention, no Alice, weathering performance and stability.

  Wet water kraft paper tape is based on kraft paper base paper, coated edible plant starch made of sticky, after the water produced a sticky, environmentally friendly pollution-free, recyclable renewable resources, anti-box, high viscosity can not afford, shelf life , To ensure that the case is not damp long lasting effect.

  Kraft paper tape classification

  Kraft paper tape classification for the free water kraft paper tape, high temperature kraft paper tape, wet kraft paper tape, white kraft paper tape, layered kraft paper tape. Wet water kraft paper tape can be printed. Water-free kraft paper tape with high-strength kraft paper as the substrate, coated with heat-sensitive plastic. Wet water kraft paper tape to kraft paper as the substrate, modified starch made of adhesive. Must be wet before it can produce sticky, which has the characteristics of writing on kraft paper. Applicable to export carton sealing or cover carton writing.