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Kraft Paper Use Very Widely

Sep 26, 2017

The application of kraft paper in life is very common, but there are still a lot of people do not understand kraft paper. Today to share the next kraft paper can do ~

1. Kraft paper It is very widely used, from the years of kraft paper packaging, including the development trend of life, the use of kraft paper is more and more widely used to do kraft paper products or directly to do more and more products, What can it do? We today to give you a brief introduction to our lives in some of the common kraft paper products.

2. metaphor us to go to some sports brand shops (such as Li Ning, Anta, Adi, etc.) to buy clothing, shoes, they provide the bag, the box is basically made of kraft paper. This is in the clothing of this area, we can also see in the office when the use of the file box, the file box is generally made of kraft paper or no acid paper.

3. And we went to the computer city to buy a computer when the computer box, such as Lenovo thinkpad notebook is made with Australian cattle cardboard, Lenovo G series notebook computer box is made with Nine Dragonscakes cardboard, and we Buy the network TV set-top box boxes are also made of kraft paper, days cat box, millet box, etc., and we buy Barry shoes box, KFC packaging are also made of kraft paper, and now mobile phone packaging such as millet is used Kraft paper production, and cool, Samsung, Lenovo and so switch to kraft paper packaging.

4. What is the use of kraft paper? Kraft paper can also be used as a cushioning material. Some of the precision parts such as auto parts need to be buffered, kraft paper is a good cushioning material, cut it into thin strips of the fill in the inside to play a buffer effect, environmental protection, the cost is not high.

5. Kraft paper can also do some sofa, bench and other office supplies. Environmentally friendly and easy to move.

6. At the same time kraft paper can do tea packaging, including the current rice packaging, wine packaging are beginning to do with kraft paper packaging, this trend is very good, because it is environmentally friendly, recycling and reuse.