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Lined With Hand Protection--EPE 100% EPE

EPE Pearl cotton, lined packaging can be said to be a good helper, it is a new type of environment-friendly materials, made of low density polyethylene resin foam produced numerous independent bubbles. It is a high-tech "products". It overcomes ordinary foam rubber brittle, deformation, the disadvantages of poor recovery, also has a moisture-proof, shock-proof, heat preservation, and many other advantages, has good chemical properties, is also the ideal substitute of traditional packing materials.

Good resistance to impact and cushioning effect of Invariance and so on makes it widely used in high-end furniture, household appliances, instruments, craft gifts, wood, glass, ceramics, waterproofing, carpet layer, sound insulation, traveling bags, precision parts, pipe insulation and so on.

EPE Pearl Cotton's primary purpose

1, EPE is suitable for all kinds of electrical appliances, computers, watches, bicycles, glass, ceramics, pottery, musical instruments, arts and crafts, such as product packaging. Elastic lining was also used extensively for luggage, sound insulation, thermal insulation of industrial production, agricultural insulation the floats, aquaculture equipment and so on.

2, EPE and fabric adhesive is a variety of vehicles and room good interior decoration material.

3, EPE and Al thin film composite product has excellent anti-infra-red and ultraviolet light, are some of the alternatives to chemical equipment, cold storage and camping equipment.