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Christmas Is Coming, At Present, Our Company Christmas Elements Packaging Envelope Bag Custom Hot.

Sep 01, 2018

Bubble Envelope The product has a two-storey structure, which has the advantages of light weight and environmental protection. The outer layer is Kraft paper, lined with bubbles. The bag is beautiful and easy to write, its unique toughness can prevent the bag from rupture, the inner transparent bubble has a good cushioning effect, to prevent the loading of items due to pressure, touch, fall and damage .... Suitable for mailing discs, tapes, electronic components, integrated circuit boards, optical lenses, books, documents, photo frames, gifts, clocks ... and other items, is a personal mail, the company sent a sample of the preferred supplies. (The outer material can be customized according to customer requirements: aluminum foil, all kinds of color aluminum film, anti-static function ...)

Printing various patterns plus easy to tear strips, etc.). In recent years, with the office supplies industry and the rapid development of online shopping Express, a variety of bubble envelopes and other products of the market is increasingly large.