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Packing Material With High Toughness And Toughness

Sep 11, 2017

Packaging materials are used in the manufacture of packaging containers, packaging and decoration, packaging, printing, packaging and transportation to meet the packaging requirements of the use of materials. Product packaging is an important part of the product, it not only in the transport process from the role of protection, but also directly related to the overall quality of the product. Packaging materials include metal, plastic, glass, ceramics, paper, bamboo, wild mushrooms, natural fibers, chemical fiber, composite materials and other major packaging materials, including coatings, adhesives, strapping, decoration, printing materials and other auxiliary material.


Paper packaging materials: wrapping paper honeycomb paper, paper bag paper, desiccant wrapping paper, honeycomb paperboard, kraft paper industrial cardboard, honeycomb paper core;

Plastic packaging materials: PP packing belt, PET packing belt, tear film, Chan Raomo, sealing tape, shrinking film, plastic film, hollow board;

Composite type flexible packaging materials: flexible packaging, aluminum, iron core, aluminum foil composite film, vacuum coated aluminum, composite film, composite paper, BOPP;

Metal packaging materials: tinplate aluminum foil, barrel hoop, steel, packing buckle, blister aluminum, PTP aluminum foil, aluminum, steel buckle;

Ceramic packaging materials: ceramic bottles, ceramic tanks, ceramic altar, ceramic pot;

Glass packaging materials: glass bottles, glass jars, glass boxes;

Wood packaging materials: wood products and artificial wood sheet (such as plywood, fibreboard) made of packaging, such as wooden boxes, wooden barrels, wooden boxes, wooden plywood, fiberboard boxes, plywood boxes and wooden pallets;

Bronzing materials: bronzing materials, laser film, Dian Hualv gold foil paper, bronzing film, hot stamping film, hot stamping foil, hot foil foil, color foil;

Adhesives, Coatings: Adhesive Adhesives, Composite Adhesives, Reinforcing Agents, Starch Adhesives, Sealants, Latex, Resins, Adhesives;

Packaging auxiliary materials: cap gloves machine, mold, gasket, handle, liner nozzle, sealing cover, packaging film.

PE stretch film is an industrial use of film products, with high tensile strength, elongation, good self-adhesive, high transparency and other objects. For hand-wound film, can also be used for machine-wrapped film, can be widely used in a variety of goods concentrated packaging. PE film is mainly composed of several different grades of polystyrene resin mixed extrusion, with anti-puncture, high strength and high performance, the stacking of goods on the pallet wrapped around the packaging, so that the packaging is more solid and clean, more Strong waterproofing effect, is widely used in foreign trade export, paper, hardware, plastic chemicals, building materials, food and medicine industry.

PE stretch stretch film, PE slit film: LLDPE stretch stretch film, is a high-quality LLDPE as the substrate, do not add high-quality tackifier, by heating, extrusion, casting, and then by the shock Cold, heat, pressure, dust, water, with a single side of the sticky and double-sided sticky, etc., in use, when used, the use of high-performance Can save materials, save labor, save time, widely used in papermaking, logistics, chemicals, plastic raw materials, building materials, food, glass and so on.