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Pearl Cotton Inside

Jan 05, 2017

EPE liner design indeed heavenly currently unpredictable, can be applied to any product, can also be customized according to different customer needs, this Pearl Cotton inside use is becoming more and more widespread, such as electronics, air conditioning, instrumentation, electronic plastics, ceramics, and so on this fragile fragile items can be used. Mainly because there are many other features, makes good quality Pearl Cotton Neto was widely used, moisture-proof, heat insulation, sound insulation, friction, anti-aging, corrosion and other superior features are characteristic of the EPE. In the long process of long distance transport of products play a role in escorting, so more and more logistics, electronics companies of this industry are welcome. This EPE within the support effect is extremely remarkable, makes the transportation of packaged products to significantly reduce, is a choice of modern logistics essential.