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Pinch The Bubble Wrap Do You Play?

Jan 05, 2017

Bubble bubble packing material is generally known as that. The thin bubble to pinch broken, can feel a wonderful sense of satisfaction, a few people who have this experience? In fact, pinch the broken "bubble wrap" behavior plays a very significant role in relieving stress.

According to United States Western New England College research shows that pinch the broken "bubble" in gentle mood at the same time, there is awareness of the effect. The experiment, in Trier held two "bubble" in the process, can be said to feel more calm.

After that, compared to pinch broken "bubble wrap" before more clear, more cheerful mood!

Psychologist Robert e pointed out that the "bubble wrap" with fingers broken this behavior is one way to ease the pressure inside the corresponding method is natural. Use fingertips to pinch broken "bubble wrap" and "shaking legs", "finger THUMP rap on the table" can be regarded as acts of the same nature, make the people feel tense muscles relaxed, able to reduce stress effects.

In addition, accompanied by "managed" sound heard pinch break "bubble wrap" wonderful sound when I feel a "great" so endearingly sense of mood and so on, may be able to give us a helping hand in obtaining satisfaction. Recently accumulated pressures of friends, please be sure to give it a try.