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Poly Bubble Envelope Six Characteristics

Sep 11, 2017

Poly Bubble Envelope,also known as kraft paper composite bubble bag, material: kraft paper and PE, structure: the outer layer of kraft paper (with white, yellow or true color), lined with bubble film. The outer layer of kraft paper (white, yellow or true color) surface smooth, easy to write; can not infringe the intellectual property rights of others in the case, according to customer requirements printed different patterns, trademarks and text; lining bubble film, with buffer shock, Items due to pressure, touch, fall and damage; layers of materials do not use any adhesive, completely non-toxic environmental protection; letter seal self-adhesive design, use it is handy.

Mainly for post office courier, logistics and delivery, craft glass, CD, tape, tape, DVD, gift, jewelry, product introduction, books, electronic parts, textiles, game software, toys, parts, medical equipment, , Optical drives, drugs and so on. Protect the security of the mailed items, to prevent the items in the mail process due to pressure, touch, fall and damage.

Poly Bubble Envelope have the following six characteristics:

1)kraft paper bubble envelopes to gold-based, easy to write, nice, can be labeled;

2)kraft paper bubble envelope easy to tear the article easy to tear, easy to save trouble;

3)its packaging light weight, than the same kind of packaging to light the weight of more than 1/3;

4)kraft paper bubble envelopes can be recycled, environmental safety;

5)its self-sealing design is safe, easy to use, save time;

6)its inner bubble pad smooth and solid, easy to put the product.


1,gold kraft paper bubble envelopes / bubble bags can be divided into Taurus also known as golden kraft paper bubble envelopes / bubble bags.

2,natural kraft paper bubble envelope / bubble bag, leather itself color.

3,white kraft paper bubble envelope / bubble bag.

Also known as: kraft paper beads beads envelopes, kraft paper bubble envelopes, kraft paper bubble envelopes.