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Present Situation And Development Prospect Of Domestic Aluminum Foil Industry

  Present Situation and Development Prospect of Domestic Aluminum Foil Industry

  With the development of the national economy and the improvement of people's living standards, China's aluminum foil production, rapid development of production capacity. Aluminum foil applications are also expanding, China's various areas of the rapid growth in demand for aluminum foil, especially in the field of packaging applications, Aluminum Foil has become China's aluminum foil industry, an important part of the rapid development.

  China's aluminum foil industrial product structure will be further rationalized, the proportion of high-grade aluminum foil products will continue to increase, the international competitiveness of products continue to improve, in general to a wider, Aluminum Foil thinner direction, especially 0.005 mm thickness of the following aluminum foil Will achieve the scale of production, and in the packaging and other industries a large number of applications. Aluminum Foil For such as double zero foil, air conditioning foil, foil and other important varieties and some special varieties, such as high pressure anode foil, will be the direction of high technology development. China's aluminum foil market demand is larger air-conditioning foil, tobacco foil, decorative foil, cable foil; more than four varieties of aluminum foil demand for more than 70%