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Several Reasons For The Edge Of Kraft Paper

In the use of kraft paper production box, box, kraft paper bag, occasionally encountered kraft paper paper burst edge of the situation, especially the machine blank holder, machine bag when the kraft paper burst is often more prone to the situation, then Why in the machine bag, made kraft paper box when it is prone to such a situation?

Mainly due to the following reasons:

1, kraft paper in the proportion of long fiber content is low

In general, kraft paper is a long fiber content of high paper, whether it is yellow kraft paper, or white kraft paper, often long fiber content is usually required more than 60%, so that it can effectively prevent the machine when the edge of the edge The situation occurs, and the emergence of the explosive situation is often easy to appear in the recycled kraft paper products, the use of recycled kraft paper used in the regeneration of different sources of pulp, resulting in recycled kraft paper long fiber content is low, when the machine is easy to appear when the edge of the situation.

2, moisture content changes

When the kraft paper products from the south to the north when it is easy because of changes in moisture in the air lead to changes in moisture content of kraft paper, a long time after the resulting loss of water in the machine when the edge is easy to produce burst edge phenomenon, but also Affect the printing effect and a series of problems, which also need special attention to the place.

3, kraft paper lines

This is the smallest factor that causes the kraft paper to explode, but occasionally causes the kraft paper to explode.

The above is the common cause of kraft paper paper burst, again we also remind you that in the purchase of kraft paper must be prompted with the use of the supplier and the production process, can effectively avoid the production of kraft paper paper burst.