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Talking About How To Solve When The Kraft Paper Is Out Of Powder

Oct 10, 2017

Talking about how to solve when the kraft paper is out of powder

Kraft paper in the printing of powder, hair loss and other phenomena can be said to be often able to see things, kraft paper off powder, mainly due to the role of external forces caused by the role of external force, the kraft paper surface of the fiber, dust pull From the cause of powder, hair loss phenomenon, today Xiaobian to share with you how to solve this phenomenon it

We start from the cause of the powder out of it to see it, causing the kraft paper off the powder is generally the reason for the kraft paper is stored in the dust is easier to stick to the place, and there is no film protection, there is the machine or the paper path, The track is unclean, gray layer, in the elevator work will be easy to bring together the gray layer, kraft paper accumulation of more, then the dust will be more likely to fall. There is the paper in the kraft paper printing process, improper filler added, it will cause the phenomenon of powder off.

The general phenomenon of kraft paper powder, not just the reasons for the printing plant, while kraft paper factory is also a reason can not be ignored, since the factors that caused the paper off the paper has been so much, then we have to talk about what method You can solve the phenomenon of powder off, hoping to play a certain help.

For the kraft paper factory off powder solution: can be increased by the kraft paper rewinder dust collector and cutter cutter to adjust the frequency of replacement. Because every machine for a long time, will be the backlog of dust, and diligent cleaning and replacement can reduce these phenomena to a minimum.

In addition to the reasons for the emergence of powder problems need to pay attention, but also need to take positive measures, you can from the printing process and around the nozzle, anti-static pipes, fans and drawers everywhere, lifts on both sides of the track And other places to clean, and keep these printing machines clean.