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The Cause Of Electrostatic Production Of Kraft Paper And Its Solution

Kraft paper for a variety of printing, especially in the dry season, kraft paper in the printing time, the production of static electricity can not be printed, then the kraft paper generated electrostatic reasons? Is there a way to solve this problem?

1. Kraft paper causes and hazards. During the printing process, the paper on the kraft paper stack is separated and conveyed forward under the friction of the tape and the platen. Between paper and paper, between paper and the machine, always in a friction state. Friction produces charge. When the charge is gathered, the kraft paper carries the charge. When the kraft paper with the same polarity of the charge, the kraft paper between the mutually exclusive, resulting in printing overprint is not allowed with the receipt of paper; when the kraft paper with a different kind of charge, resulting in paper when the empty, double sheets, Zhang, overprint is not allowed to wait for the problem; with electrostatic paper surface is also easy to absorb some paper and dust, resulting in prints or flowers appear spots and other problems, so the printing of static electricity is very important to eliminate paper.

2. Kraft paper electrostatic elimination method

① Eliminate with static eliminator. For the printing machine on the static eliminator with induction static eliminator, high frequency high voltage static eliminator, power frequency high voltage static eliminator, etc., should be placed near the drum.

② improve the relative humidity of the printing workshop. The generation of static electricity is related to the relative humidity of the operating environment. When the relative humidity of the workshop is less than 40%, the electrostatic problem is prone to occur. Therefore, when printing, some water is sprinkled around the stack and the machine, or the air humidifier is used to adjust the printing Relative humidity to avoid static electricity generation.

③ on the kraft paper for humidity treatment. When the kraft paper moisture content is low, the paper is easy to take static electricity. When the paper is seriously static, it is necessary to hang the paper or put the paper in a relatively humid environment for a period of time, but pay attention to prevent the production of paper lotus leaf phenomenon.

④ reduce the printing press speed. Static electricity, by reducing the speed of the printing press to reduce kraft paper and kraft paper, kraft paper and machine friction, thereby reducing the generation of static charge.