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What Is The Difference Between A Single Bubble Bag And A Double-sided Bubble Bag?

Jan 08, 2018

Bubble bag mainly used in electronic products cushioning packaging, plastic products, metal products, ceramic products. Logistics transport protection for glass products and other products requiring buffer protection. Can be divided into one-sided bubble bags and double-sided bubble bags. 1) One-sided bubble bags are suitable to protect their lighter products. 2) double-sided bubble bag is suitable for packing bigger and heavier goods. 3) single bubble bag and double-sided bubble bag are suitable for packing of products in various industries such as making bags, slicing. Single and double-sided bubble bags can be used for anti-static bubble bags. And different colors, printing. Can also be compounded with other materials to increase protection and beauty. 4) elasticity It has the function of sound insulation, shock proof, anti-scratch. 5) the body is light, elastic, sound insulation, shock proof, anti-wear performance, water proof and moisture proof of bubble bag, anti-pressure