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What Is The Effect Of The Bubble Bag On The PCB Packaging?

Jan 08, 2018

How should the circuit board be packaged? Red bubble bag has anti-static effect, can protect circuit board conductive very well, bubble bag also has waterproof effect. Body fitting package is to heat transparent plastic film to soften degree. The plastic film, which is heated and softened, adheres to its surface according to the shape of the commodity and also to the cardboard carrying the goods. After cooling forming, it becomes a novel packaging object. Body-fitting packaging is covered by a layer of completely transparent plastic film. The packaged goods can be neat, firm, transparent, beautiful and colorful. To present clearly. Now on the "shelf", make the goods more attractive, if printed on the body of cardboard colorful design and text, more can increase the attractiveness of the product. Goods not only clear at a glance. And the shape of the goods feel quite good. Customer clothing touch appearance, to produce a kind of "affinity", "security". Body packaging is not like plastic packaging, the shape of the product needs to open the mold. After packaging, the plastic film and the paper liner are tightly adhered to, which can effectively prevent counterfeiting products.