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What Should Be Noticed When Epe Foam Is Stored?

Jun 26, 2017

  What should be noticed when Epe Foam is stored?

  No open flame

  1, the warehouse and the vicinity should be installed fire equipment, and in the appropriate location to set up fire equipment configuration map,Epe Foam in order to security.

  2, inside and around the warehouse, strict requirements prohibit smoking, open fire.

  3, each product is stored separately,Epe Foam not disorderly put or all put together.

  4, the materials should be arranged in a neat category, "material position card" to indicate the name and number of materials and to draw all kinds of material storage location map.

  There are many hidden dangers in addition to flame protection:

  1, The wire line is also the cause of the Epe Foam fire, so to constantly check the wiring, short circuit is a big reason for Epe Foam fire.Epe Foam The best advice is not to let the Epe Foam close to the wire line.

  2, Epe Foam is flammable goods, experiments have proved that not open flame of small burning material also let Epe Foam fire, such as fast extinguished cigarette butts.

  3, the regular Epe Foam friction items to discharge,Epe Foam because the friction after the electric charged object if the charge to a certain extent will carry out the discharge action, it is likely to cause Epe Foam fire.

  4, choose to store the location of the warehouse to analyze the surrounding factory, whether there is any production of unfavorable Epe Foam products.

  Of course, Epe Foam also has universal cotton and anti-static cotton distinction, if you want to be able to reduce the occurrence of fire, you can also use anti-static epe.