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Why Kraft Paper Packaging Price Difference So Much

Sep 27, 2017

  Why kraft paper packaging price difference so much

  In today's kraft paper packaging market, kraft paper varieties can be described as dazzling, of course, the price of each kraft paper is also dazzling, different brands of kraft paper its price can be used to describe the gap, although the overall price of kraft paper, although the overall rise, but still Can not change the gap between the varieties of prices.

  Today's general packaging market kraft paper prices generally above 4000, the price of waste paper has risen to more than 3000, compared to the previous kraft paper, waste paper prices rose about 20 to 40 percent, expensive kraft paper also has a certain degree of rise, About around 10,000.

  Why is the price difference between kraft paper so much? First of all, we have to look at the raw materials from the manufacture of kraft paper, kraft paper raw material is the composition of wood pulp, wood pulp with a large proportion of the price of kraft paper will be relatively high, the general use of pure wood pulp made of kraft paper prices are very high Of the use of recycled wood pulp kraft paper prices will be relative to the much lower, the price of recycled kraft paper is also associated with the ratio of wood pulp.

  In fact, we also from the technical point of view, because the different technology to create the difference between the kraft paper is also very large, such as ordinary kraft paper and coated kraft paper, coated kraft paper is because it is more than ordinary kraft paper coating process, so its Printing effect, waterproof performance and so are not ordinary kraft paper can be compared, of course, the price of kraft paper is also affected by the market, we all know that the price of kraft paper is not stable, are through the market reaction to real-time changes.