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Why We Need A Car Sunshade To Protector Our Love Car

Aug 08, 2018


In order to avoid the glare of the sun uv rays, can move back and forth, so as to adjust the sun's exposure to the eyes, to avoid the occurrence of traffic accidents. Sun Visor also makes it hard to direct the sunlight into the car, a better cooling effect, while also protecting the dashboard, leather seats

Which kind of car shade curtain is good? Car shade Four kinds of introduction, summer temperature is particularly high, whenever the sun in the head to make the driver upset unceasingly, in order to drive convenient shielding the sun's direct car shade appears, generally in the market, the common car shade of four species, then, the four kinds of car shade curtain which kind of good?

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Car shade curtain What kind of good car shade four kinds of introduction

  What kind of car shade curtain?

  Type one: It is best to choose aluminum foil shade with sucker Aluminum foil shading generally divided into ordinary "light plate" type and pattern type, suitable for most small cars, can be placed in the windshield and rear window glass. The aluminum foil insulation with sucker is easy to use, after the expansion, suction in the front windshield or the rear window glass.

  If it is the pattern of aluminum foil shade, in the less hot season, you can put the color pattern outward, if the weather is very hot, it can be aluminum foil outward to ensure reflection of the sun.

  Type two: The most convenient yarn-mesh side Shade In the car when the side window shines in the sun to the driver and passengers skin perm, in addition to the film, the use of shade to physically isolate is the best way.

  Gauze screen type sunshade is usually with two suction cups, its advantage is easy to remove, but the problem is that when the window to shake down, may touch off the sucker.

  Type III: Reusable Electrostatic patch side shade From the shading effect, electrostatic paste side shading screen than the net-type effect is good, but the installation is more trouble. Because the design of the reason will not let people have a feeling of tightness and being closed, glued to the glass will not affect the window lift. However, when pasting, it is best to put the bottom into the window seam 5cm or so, so as to avoid shaking the glass when the electrostatic paste roll up the situation.

  After the summer after the electrostatic paste pull down, rinse the next year can also be reused.

  Category four: The most effective shade curtain The shade is like a curtain, the part besides the curtain, also has the chute, slider, such as the installation is also more complex, but because the material is relatively soft, shading curtains can be more tightly blocked windows, front and rear of the visor after the installation of the curtain after each use only need to pull the curtain from the storage tube from the suction cup fixed, loosen the cup after the curtain will automatically retract

, do not need to be like ordinary shade to stick sucker, see position, but also worry about whether the sucker will loose off.

  is the car shade useful? Is it necessary to install the car shade? In the past, for example, windshield blinds, if the car is parked outdoors in the summer, the temperature inside the car with closed windows will soar to fifty or sixty degrees Celsius or even higher, and the heat is damaging to the dashboard and leather seats. Because a lot of cars around the windows are attached to the Sun film, front and rear windshield is the main way to enter the sun. Folding windshield panels can reflect the vast majority of sunlight, which is usually made of foil, which is especially effective when parked for a short time. Curtains or windows should be affixed or installed on the sun shade, car curtains installed only in the window up and down a chute, and then the curtains installed in the meantime, but sometimes the chute will not smooth, at this time pull up more trouble. In addition to curtains, you can buy a few windows or in time affixed to the window, as can block the hot sun.

  But the effect of not installing the sun shade is good. Is it necessary to install the car shade? The advantage of car shade is to block the sunlight, so that the light in the action area can not enter into the car, to a certain extent, there is a reduction in the role of the hot car, but also to avoid the leather seats and dashboard is the role of ultraviolet damage, there are additional privacy features, car outside the vehicle is not clear, can increase security factors, if need to give better protection of the car, Or recommend the explosion-proof insulation film, the car to provide better protection.