PET Film Mylar

PET Film Mylar
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PET Film Suppliers The New Polyethylene Terephthalate Film Mylar


Energy saving - reduces the cost of heating and cooling.
2, light weight, no fiber
3, non-toxic, environmental protection.
4, easy to install, waterproof, thermal insulation, insulation, flame retardant
5, high reflectivity, anti glare coating
6 anti fungal, anti ultraviolet, reduce noise and vibration.
7 oxidation and corrosion resistant anti glare coating
8 grade A / 1 fire rating


In greenhouses, farms, factories, warehouses, outdoor, wooden houses, villas, sauna, pipeline, food, greenhouse, shed, greenhouse, pavilion, simple room, workshop floor, metal housing, roof, roof tile, exhaust pipe, ventilation pipe, ect